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Discussion Starter · #1 · (Edited) son recently got a nice 1974 CL360. Kicks starts right up and runs nicely. Electric Starter motor spins but does not engage. I pulled the left side cover and found a bunch of bent metal stuck to the magneto rotor. From a parts diagram search, it seems to be something called a starter clutch outer and a pin knock. Parts 3 and 14 in this diagram.

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Seems easy enough to replace and repair, but I wanted to get the group's opinion first. I'm used to starters with a bendix that engages when the motor spins...this is new to me. Any tricks to the installation?

Here are a few more pics...

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Auto part Motor vehicle Engine Vehicle Tire
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I appreciate any ideas or suggestions.

thanks! Scott

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YEP - These motors use (3) Spring Loaded Rollers to engage the starter clutch.
It's called a SPRAG Clutch.

The Rollers & Springs all wear over time. Yours are an extreme case.
I suspect your Electric Starter stopped engaging a while ago and you have been using the Kick Starter.
Meantime the rollers and springs continued to wear until they were small enough bits of metal to come out of their captive cavities and make a mess of things.

If I was you I would probably search out a replacement Stator & Rotor since they both look chewed up.
Not that they won't work they might, but I don't like to have to open up cases sides more than once for a job.

The other thing that would scare me even more is what happened to the rest of the metal.
I suspect you will find some of it in the Oil Slinger Filter Trap but the rest is mixed into the sludge in the lower case just waiting to come loose and chew up some other part.

It's pretty much WINTER here in the Northeast so I'd call it a Winter project to pull the motor Split the Case and clean out the sump.
If your TOP END is solid, then you can split the cases and access the bottom half to clean out the sump without disturbing the Top End at all.
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