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74 CL360 Scrambler project

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I've been looking for an old school bike project for some time now. I didn't have any particular bike in mind just something close, cheap and pretty much complete. I started out wanting to build a chopper but the more I read the more I liked the Brat and Cafe style bikes. I'm a sport bike rider so this just seemed to be a good fit.
I saw the bike a few weeks back but the price wasn't right, then he relisted it for half. Well I give him a call and find that the motor was locked up but it came with a spare. Now I'm really interested because I like extra parts. So we work out a deal and he even offers to drop it off for me for an extra $20. I picked it up last Friday and just parked it in the garage. Saturday I must have gone to "look at it" about 5 times. Then on Sunday my wife tell me I have the day to myself because she is taking the kids to see grandma. Initially I planed to see what was wrong with the motor in the bike and work from there. I found that the kick lever was jammed in the engine case. I tried for a few minutes to free it up then decided I had the time so out it went. Armed with PB Blast, a wire brush and a few cans of spray paint I went to town. She is all back together now, but the tank still has a little rust bouncing around in it so I'm waiting for my fuel filter before I go any further.
Anyway here are some pic's for you.
How she came to me

Stripped and dirty

All cleaned up and painted

Kinda back together


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I'm really liking the Cafe style seats that have the back hump upholstered. I plan on doing something like that I'm just not sure if I want to do it with the original seat. I was messing around in the garage last night and remembered I had a tail light off of my ZZR600. I think it will somehow get incorporated into the seat. what do you guys think???
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Thanks guys.
Once I get it running then I'll focus on personalizing it. I got my bars in the mail today so I'll probably swap them out this weekend. I also read about guys using CLR to remove the rust in the gas tanks. I just happen to have a bottle of it in the garage so I'm going to give it a try.
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