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'74 CB450 owner from Seattle

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Hey all -

Found this place via the Do The Ton boards. I've got a 74 CB450 that I'm gradually doing tasteful, reversable cafe mods to.

As it stands now:

New Tank w/ knee dents (installing today!) Matching Sidecovers

+ Install the tank & sidecovers
+ Custom 2 into 1 headers & race muffler - anybody in Washington have suggestions on who to have do this? There's a couple places in Auburn that seem okay, but I'd rather not have to drive the whole way...
+ Kickstart Only
+ tastefully chopped rear fender, smaller light assy. Anybody know if a CB550 rear fender might fit on this one? I found one at Bent Bike, but no CB450... I'll have to return when I have accurate dimensions...

Looking forward to meeting some of y'all -

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Welcome aboard from another K7 450 owner!! :D

GB :mrgreen:
I don't have any current pictures worth looking at. It's all taken down in various stages of assembly right now.

Here's a pic of Henry's tool box during his build: :shock:

I'm kidding. Henry's bike is awesome! :D

GB :mrgreen:
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You can hack up that twincam all you please Henry. It'll help it. :lol: But please? Pretty please bag it...? ;)

GB :mrgreen:
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