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74 CB450 jets question

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Okay, finally got the bike started, which was a good thing. Wont idle but is running on both cylinders. So, heres the question as the carbs are going to need gone thru.

Bike has straight exhaust pipes and pod filters.

What all do I need to get?
What size jets and where do I get them from?
I can build anything but have never rebuilt carbs before, so this will be a first for me!

So, guru's, throw the man a bone!!!

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I have the almost the same setup, V stacks and straight exhaust. I love the sound and the design i made, so baffling is going to pose be a problem unless someone knows of a 1.5" slide in short style baffle. I bought a jet kit with 135,140,145,150,155, but ive had a shoulder injury preventing me from testing these jets. Is it worth spending the money to dyno tune for jets with this setup?

i was thinking of maybe using these to help with back pressure, it should run better and not kill the valves right?
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Bird76Mojo said:
I would'nt think that your valves are in great danger but more over, your ear drums. The length of the exhaust should help the valves out all by itself, as burnt exhaust valves (in the automotive world anyway) are usually seen when someone uses only the exhaust manifold, such as in a derby. But by adding length to that manifold (such as open headers) the valves don't get smoked so easily.

Just a thought. :idea:

I bet those baffles will help a little though. ;)

GB :mrgreen:

I dont wanna thread jack, so stop me if i am.

I rode her today and the straight pipes aren't too loud for me on the bike(outlets behind me) with a helmet on but if i can make more power with back pressure then ill baffle it.

1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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