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74 cb360 Ontario

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Hi .Tom from Newcastle Ontario

Picked up a 74 360 at Easter plan on doing a semi re-store,between building another cedar strip canoe...

Is there a site or location that I can go for decent picks and descriptions of the various models of the 360

the only place so far that I have found is

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A friendly canouk hey...welcome to the old honda wonderland where information is as free as it is frivolous :D I also have a '74 360 that I'm rebuilding at any incredibly slow rate, but DANG, she's gonna be a looker...

I refer to the parts fiche at for diagrams on differing years of 360's. You should check it out, but buying parts in euro's gives the trouser leg of ya VISA a good solid humping.

Hurry up and start a project log with lots of photos! We lot are like resto zombies here and we feed and vitalise on tasty pics of hondas...frames, engines, wheels, whatever we gets we loves. :cool:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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