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74 CB360 Mufflers?

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74 CB360 mufflers? Anyone? Acceptable substitutes? I can make it work.
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I did some research online and found Dunstall reverse-cone replicas from EMGO that are very close to stock. My local dealer got them(EMGO doesn't sell to the public!) for 60 each including tax and shipping. Part #80-84051. The regular Dunstalls are #80-84050. Backordered til the 13th of March, damn suppliers. :(
Try out Cycle Recycle or Dennis Kirk
I did. Believe it or not, my dealer is cheapest. That's all right, I just broke my clutch center so I can wait a few more days for them to come in.
360fan said:
I did. Believe it or not, my dealer is cheapest.
Congrats! That is something I don't hear everyday :lol:
I know. Blows my mind. Hungry for business i guess. Anything aftermarket is cheaper through them if they deal with that supplier because they discount the shipping. All my little NOS stuff they can still get they charge NO shipping no minimum. Macomb Powersports in Mt. Clemens, MI.
Very helpful and not condescending to a guy who just buys parts for old bikes, or I'd go somewhere else. Too old for attitude anymore. :)
I just don't want to pay the 58.50 they want for my clutch center, even if it is still available. I am SO cheap! :D (I hope the bike didn't hear that. She's in the kitchen. ;) )
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