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I'm at a loss folks, really appreciate any input on this one.

So here's the deal, after picking up this bike for a steal. i learned that the main problem of it not running correctly is that the diaphragms were completely blown out. i replaced them with some off of jbmindustries and it made the bike fire up and run pretty good. i also cleaned the carbs(took out all the jets, ran guitar string through all the holes i could and verified that carb cleaner ran nicely through every hole i could find). I've also checked the throttle shaft end caps, the left one was still in place and the right one must have fallen out somewhere in the bikes life so i replaced it. i checked the boots from engine to carb for leaks(there isn't any) same for the boots from the carbs to the air filters(which are stock and new). the air screws in the carbs have both been seated then turned out 1 and 3/4 turns. as for other things, I've set the valve clearances, set cam chain tension, set points gaps, and ignition timing, and I've changed the plugs, after doing that i meticulously balanced the carbs with gauges where i set them as perfectly as i could.

And after all that work i still have this very specific problem that i can't get my head around. the bike will idle fine, it will accelerate like a bat out of hell with no complaint. BUT when you try to keep the throttle constant at anything above 2000rpm it spitters and sputters and runs overall really rough and choppy(but it doesn't backfire, or want to die) this makes cruising basically impossible, i put the vacuum gauges on the carbs to see if the readings would differ at the constant higher rpm and they stay perfect relative to each other, however the vacuum read at the higher constant rpm(like cruising) is significantly lower than the vacuum read at a 1200rpm idle. also at idle the right side cylinder will give off a small back fire ever so often. I know these bikes are notorious for running rich but is that what is doing this? i live at 4,200ft of elevation and i highly doubt this bike has ever been re-jetted. i haven't checked the compression of the cylinders but i assume it must be good due to how easily it fires up and how strong it runs otherwise.

Like i said i'm really at a loss on this one, if anyone has had this problem or has any idea what it could be please let me know, Thanks.
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