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Recently got my CB450 back from the mechanic, and he mentioned that the tail light wiring was wacky.

I discovered the taillight and the low beam headlight don’t work (However the brake light, turn signals and high beam DO work)

I’ve attached a photo to see if anyone can spot something obvious that is wrong with the current wiring. I’d love to avoid sending it back and would rather see if I can do this myself.

I’ve also looked at the wiring diagram and since I’m such a newb at wiring, It was a little bit confusing.

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Unplug the brown wire connection shown in the pic.....Jumper the out of fender Brown wire end to battery positive......IF tail/running lamp lights, you have a harness wiring problem forward of that connector..... IF it still doesn't, you have a bad wire rearward,...within fender to bracket, there to socket, or burnt filament in the bulb...Ground-side is good because brake light works....

Path of power to the taillight:
From B+ through fuse to ignition switch (Red wire)...out in Black wire to main harness.....
Black wiring connects to headlight switch Black inside headlight shell,then up through bars to switch, and when turned on goes to Brown/white wire, back to ignition switch, and then out through Brown wire in harness to connection visible in pic.... through fender to connection at/in the taillight bracket (under plate area)... to socket, to bulb, through filament to green wiring to ground (B-)....
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