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Hi Everyone,

I have a 1973 Honda Cb350G that I purchased around 2014 and have ridden it roughly 4-5k miles. It was bought in good condition with less than 10k miles on the odometer. The previous owner had already begun to make it into a cafe racer project and I enjoyed the look but knew that I wanted to make it "my own" some time in the near future. Well that near future began in winter of 2016 when I decided to begin some maintenance and aesthetic improvements, using my uncle's garage as a makeshift workshop. I had very little mechanical history but knew that if used the shop manual and documented my steps, I would be able to complete whatever I had wanted to do so long as I had the time and money to do so. As such, I dove straight in. The wiring connections of the bike were always an issue so that was where I began. I redid many of the connections and tidied up some of the extra wiring to make it more compact and in doing so found that the bike is very simple. Next, I dissembled my carbs and cleaned them thoroughly. After which, I rebuilt my front forks with new seals and oil and polished the forks. I then bought new stainless steel brake lines for the front disk and rebuilt my master cylinder hoping to improve the brake feel. Then I repainted my tank, seat cowl, headlamp, and side covers (using DupliColor paint) in hopes of bettering the simple matte black rattle can job the previous owner did. In the end, everything was ready to be put back together but I knew I wanted to continue improving it. Unfortunately, I didn't have any more money to spend so the bike remained in my uncle's garage.

Fast forward to roughly a month ago... I have a new job, more income, a little less time, but even more desire to make this bike "my own". Unfortunately, that meant redoing some of the old things that I completed earlier. Starting again with wiring, I completely removed my wiring harness and bought an M-Unit Blue with new wiring. In addition, I bought a new solenoid and have plans of buying a Pamco Electronic ignition as well as an 8 cell lithium battery. Also, I decided that I might want to try out a modern fork conversion and impulsively bought a set of 2004/5 GSXR fork tubes with matching rotors and calipers. The plan would be to utilize Cogito Moto's beautiful products to complete the front end conversion. In addition to those upgrades, I would want to do a rear-loop frame mod, a fabricated seat pan for my new electronics, and fresh powder coat/paint for the frame, tins, and engine.

As it stands today, the engine is out of the frame and the frame is completely disassembled. Both the front and rear suspensions have been removed and set aside.

Pictures of all of the work done so far will be posted shortly, just waiting on my email to send the huge amount of data from my phone to my computer.

Thanks in advance for the advise and suggestions moving forward, I will look to this forum for guidance and inspiration! BTW, I'm outside of Philadelphia,PA.

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