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73 CB350G from Virginia

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Hello, I am "ol55" from Northern Virginia. The bike I am trying to get to go around the block without stalling is a '73 350G that a friend of mine had in his garage since 1980. He purchased it in Georgia in 1978 from a parts counter person at the local Honda dealer. It has 8,000+ miles. He paid someone to get it running so I drove it about 3/4 of a mile before taking the carbs off ( see post in Technical issues). The bike has these modifications all done prior to '78; 2 into one exhaust, velocity stacks for air cleaners, and is missing the center stand, tool kit, and rear grab bar. The starter button and the ignition switch have been moved from the original location. The color is brown with a spilled gas issue on the tank. The original color I think was purple. My goal is just to get it running and ride it!

Thanks for the help so far,

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I think I remember the "Ol55" name from the old hondatwins... I could be wrong?? Maybe it's another forum somewhere... :p

GB :mrgreen:
GB you steered me to here from another forum--Thanks
Yeah, ya gotta watch old Bird there, he steered me here too.....Whats up with that?

Hey Bird, found ya a project!

Someone was looking for one of these! I cant remember who posted that they were looking for one! ( I suffer from the dreaded CRS syndrom)

I like to get good advice and tips and figured you guys did too. We all share a love of these cheap old bikes so it just seemed like the right thing to do. The more the merrier as long as people don't get out of hand ya know... :D

The last thing I need is another project!! They all last years longer than their supposed to.. :lol:

GB :mrgreen:
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