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72K5 - CL450 Starter Motor Area Ginding - Help

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I have a 1972 CL450 that I am trying to get back onto the road.

The starter clutch was not working. I purchased the rebuild kit and replaced it tonight.

Now the starter clutch it working...but after it spins the engine a couple times.....there is a loud clacking noise and then it stops.

Could it be possible that this would be the starter motor?
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I have a short video that I made, and I can send it if someone can help diagnose it would be great. Its snowing up here so I won't be going to work.

You don't go to work when it snows in Maine?
Haha nope! Snowmobiling all day and working on bikes.
I think I may have found the problem.

The starting gear behind the magnetic rotor seems to have a bit of wiggle room front and back.

I can't seem to get the magnetic rotor wheel any closer to the crank?

Is there supposed to be back and fouth wiggle room? If not, how to do I get this magnetic rotor closer to the crack case to snug up the gear?

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1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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