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72K5 - CL450 Starter Motor Area Ginding - Help

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I have a 1972 CL450 that I am trying to get back onto the road.

The starter clutch was not working. I purchased the rebuild kit and replaced it tonight.

Now the starter clutch it working...but after it spins the engine a couple times.....there is a loud clacking noise and then it stops.

Could it be possible that this would be the starter motor?
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From just this picture and no other angles, the positioning looks pretty normal. You're not going to get the alternator rotor on the shaft any further than is allowed by the taper. there is a bit of in and out movement of the sprocket on the starter clutch. When you replaced the caps and springs, did you inspect the clutch housing itself to see if it had any cracks? A crack in the housing would allow it to expand its diameter enough that it would still allow slippage even with the other new parts, and it would have to be replaced. I suppose the planetary gears in the nose of the starter motor itself could be bad but I don't think that happens very often, and if they were bad it probably wouldn't turn the engine at all
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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