I am sad to say I need to sell my CL350. Had a baby girl recently and even before then, haven't had time to work on it. It is partially assembled and all parts are there. I will take some pictures and add them to this thread soon. Here is my build thread if you want to see the bike: '72 CL350 Custom Restore

The Good:
  • ALL original parts are included. I know it's hard to verify this, so if you want to see a specific part let me know and I will send you a picture.
    • Tank and side cover Honda badges not included. They were broken or missing when I bought the bike
  • New spokes on both wheels, laced & torqued
  • New fork seals installed
  • AllBallz steering stem bearings installed
  • Powder-coated Frame, fenders, and triple tree (see here )
  • Powder-coated engine block
  • KA Slipper for cam chain (New cam chain too)
  • Valves replaced and lapped by HondaTwins member TOOLS1
  • .25 over pistons and bored cylinder to match. The cylinder may need to be re-honed, it's never been run but it has been a couple years since I touched it and there is some very light surface rust
  • Original carbs included, but I'm also giving you the new Mikuni VM30 pair I planned to use on this build
  • New seals on all lower crankcase parts; new seals included for parts that haven't been assembled yet
  • Swingarm bushings upgraded to bronze
  • Lots of new parts included such as coils/condensers, headlight, turn signals, tail brake light, upgraded regulator/rectifier, handlebars, handle grips, bar-end mirrors, levers, clutch and throttle cables, extra seat, extra straight exhaust pipes, new exhaust crush gaskets, spark plugs

The Bad:
  • Forks were rusted and pitted under the original gators. Not the part that moves, just the upper. Painted black but you can still tell.
  • Tank needs to be painted and a little body work. A couple of dents were patched with QuikSteel, and I did a bad job on it.
  • Original headlight housing is busted, turn signals are scratched up
  • I had planned on replacing the clutch plates and springs but never bought new. The old plates and springs are included.

The Ugly:
  • This bike was wrecked once. Seemed like just cosmetic damage, but during teardown I found a crack in the crank-case where a PO put a locator pin in the wrong place. Don't think it was related to the wreck, but just wanted to give Full Disclosure. There are a lot of pics and details of this damage in my build thread.
  • I messed up torqueing the cam chain tensioner and tore up the threaded hole. It's been welded back solid but not drilled/tapped. No pic of this in my thread but I will post one very soon.

Pickup in Southern Arkansas or I can meet you within a couple hours drive. I'm not entirely sure how to price this out, I put $3,000 but if it goes to a good home I'm willing to negotiate. I'd be willing to bet I could get at least that parting it out on eBay, but it feels like shame to do that to a bike that is 'All There'.

Let's talk!