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Hey all. Been a while since ive been back.

Working on my 72 CL175 with its 2012 CBR250R front fork conversion and ive come up against a snag thats prevented me from riding. The CBR forks and the CL front brakes dont exactly mesh, to say the least. The bolt used to hold the bracket up on the forks twisted so now my drum shoes rub slightly oblong and I can feel the rubbing in the front end like a wobble.

I have been attempting to get some help from my custom shop pals but they keep pushing me back, so to avoid letting my bike sit since March all the way through its registration I will be doing this myself with my trusty Hobart Mig. Im thinking 3/8 cold rolled steel and some metric nuts and bolts. Ill have to bend the steel bar into a shape that fits the space between the forks and the drum. Does anyone have any other advice for getting it stable, or just straight at least?
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