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Picked up a 72 SL 350 that is in good shape and was keeping a eye out for another so I could get the stock carbs
to put on the 72. Any way a friend asked me about parts for a TL 125 I told him about the 72 I bought and he said
the people with the TL also had a SL 350 they wanted rid of.

So I found this 71 on a cement slab under a tarp, mostly all there. I got it running pert good and did the paper work
so I have been tinkering with it. The bike missfires about 1/4 throttle on the right cylinder. Set the point right side[to time it?]
after I set the left side timing. Oh well some thing to play with, or I might try to sell it.

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car
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