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hello all

I have a 1971 CL175 that i picked up for dirt cheap and got it running.All the electronics worked and bike ran fine before this issue. To get to the point, the electrical issues started when i accidentally and unknowingly overcharged the battery( dont have an automatic charger) and hooked it up to the bike. the battery cable sparked but when i got it hooked up,the key did not turn on the neutral light or headlight nor did any of the other electronics work. i disconnected the battery took it back to Walmart and got a replacement filled it correctly and dropped it off at batteries plus to get charged. i get the battery back put it on the bike and NOTHING. the bike now will not bump start or even jump start. Its like the electrical system is dead or something. The walmart batteries i have bought for this bike have been a hit or a miss

ANY Feedback is appreciated as i am no where near a skilled mechanic

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