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'71 CB450 K4 latest addition to stable

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OK guys, here's my latest aquisition.

A'71 450 K4, 9500 miles & looks to be pretty original. Bars look to be off a CL.
It needs a new front rim & the r/hand muffler is rusted (no rot just cosmetic), new tyres needed & dent in tank needs fixed.
Other than that it starts & runs on both kick & electric.
Might just ride as is at the moment & restore over the winter.


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Nice bikes!

I am still kicking myself cause I missed out on a nice one I coulda had for $500. A 1970 CB450. I drove past it for a few days but did not stop thinking he prolly wanted too much. Kicking myself now.....

I did stop while I was out riding the 360 only to find out that someone else had gotten it for a sweet deal (fix dad's car and $200). He had not picked it up yet so I got a good look at what I missed. The guy who got it fixes them up and sells them so it will go for alot more..... It did not need much Front tire, battery and maybe paint the tank. The chrome was like new! And no dents or road rash.

Still keeping my eyes open for a CB750....maybe one day....but, I wont just assume and drive past any more I see.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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