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71 cb450 1st time project

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Hey everyone, I'm new here so I figured I'd introduce myself and my project. I'm Brad, 28 years old from pittsburgh, pa.

I'll be posting my progress of my 71 450 cafe build. This is my first attempt at building a bike from the frame up.

I've run into a lot of problems so far, but I've also learned a lot as well.

Here's how she looked the day I brought her home.

Here's a more recent pic.

Currently sorting out the front suspension and making a custom seat.

More pics to follow.

Here's the bike that started it all, 2004 Honda 599.

Bought it brand new with 9 miles in 2005, has about 25,000 now.

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Wow, is that an aftermarket tail section? Looks great! The 450 looks tough too, did you paint the fork lowers?
Nope, just replaced the grab rail with some Rizoma stainless steel plugs.

Thanks, I painted the fork lowers with high temp paint, same as the frame.

I got started on my custom seat for the 450 today.

Everything is prepped and ready for the glassing, which I'll start tomorrow.
I like the tank, but I'm partial to CB500T's :D I always wondered how the fork boots would look with my tank. I like it. I working on a TLS conversion, and may add boots if it all works out like I plan. I also switched the shocks out for the 11" with the chrome valance like yours., (big improvement)
Funny how many guys I've met that started with a rocket or a naked street fighter and ended up on vintage cafes (must be the natural evolution of things ;) ). Welcome to the pack. Be warned, I haven't been around long but the knowledge and encouragement around here can be overwhelming. Add the fact that old Honda's are an addiction, and I see the start of a beautiful obsession.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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