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Hi y'all, I check this site frequently but this is my first post.

I bought the bike about a year ago, it's my first bike. That might be the problem.

Over the winter, I attempted a rebuild, which included electronic ignition from CMC. The shockwave ignition system. Upon first assembly, I started the bike, and it ran really well. I had some issues with the ignition, including that the control modules didn't fit well in the aluminum frame they provided (one appeared to be "too fat," it kind of bulged. It was the right side, which is the side I have trouble with most). Another issue was that the lights to indicate timing didn't quite work correctly. I ended up hanging the spark plugs against a part of the engine and listening for the spark while I was timing it.

So I got the thing running, it actually seemed to run well, compared to when I bought it. But then it slowly started missing on the right side (a problem I encountered while I was using points). Then eventually lugging, and really just running on the left cylinder. I cleaned and rebuilt the carbs, timed it again, got a few good short runs on it, tried messing with the timing again.
What I found was the left cylinder, which it seemed to be running good on, was indicating timing all over the place, when cranked by hand. It was not consistent. A crank advanced, then more advanced, then retarded. Anyway, hard to time it when that happens.
I checked the advancemechanism, which seems fine. But now I've pulled it off a second time, and for the second time, the cam dowel came out with it.
I have a feeling that the cam dowel is worn, as it is tapered on both ends, and also, my advance mechanism seems punched out where the cam should seat.
Has this happened to anybody? Have I ruined something not realizing this problem before?
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