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Alright - she hasn't been ridden in two years, but ran quite a bit in '06-'07. During that time, my friend had it (we sell it back and forth on a whim like that), and he had CL pipes and K&N filters on it. Ran pretty well. I get it back, slap some CB head pipes and JC Whitney Dunstall-style mufflers (the ones with the removable baffles), got the old gas out of it, replace the throttle cable, etc, and it runs on one cylinder most of the time, with some back-firing chiming in here and there from the other cylinder. Also, the petcock on the stock tank is not so good at getting fuel to the one side, but it'll be gone when the other tank is painted and ready. In the meantime, it's definitely time to clean those carbs. Now for the questions.

What size jets are in the original CV carbs? Should I change them due to the new exhaust, the K&N filters, etc etc. I've never replaced carb parts, just cleaned whatever was in there, and I have no experience with these CV type carbs, since my '73 CL175 has the other type, which I vaguely remember being relatively easy to clean (I remember putting them back on after cleaning them, but not the process of cleaning them. It was a garage-kept bike that my dad bought new, and it never had a sick day in its life, other than having its turn signals ground into the pavement and flipped over. I loved that bike.)

Also, any recommendations for air filters, velocity stacks, what have you, just throw suggestions at me, and back them up with some explanation.

Also, any spark plug suggestions are also welcome.
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