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Hello all, I don't think I've posted to this particular group before but glad to be here.
To get right to it, I have a 68 CL350 that I've gotten to run great but on the first long ride after getting the carbs dialed in, something went awry in the tranny leaving me stuck in first. The end of the transmission shaft was poking out of the case about 3/16ths of an inch interfering with the shifter mechanism. The dowel pin holding the bearing in place had popped up, busting a little piece of the case off. We pushed the bearing back in and the bike shifts fine but what in the heck might have failed inside to push that bearing out? It's probably spun as the dowel pin doesn't feel like it's going back in all the way and I'm sure it will move again at this point.
Any clues would be helpful at this point.
Thanks, Edy
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