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'65 Dream starts at extreme RPMs after carb rebuild

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Heres the story on this old girl.
I rescued it from someone who was dirt biking/offroading it
When I initially bought the bike, it started and ran great, but would run out of fuel at about 75/85% load, limiting the bike to back road trips.
Carb is cleaned and reassembled by an experienced antique Harley shop with new secondary jet, new NOS float, new fuel filter, as well as having the throttle linkage cleaned and relubricated up inside the right handle.
After all this good treatment, the bike starts, but screams to high rpm immediately. You have to turn the igniton off to stop it. Lots of rich smoke obviously.
Hopefully some of you have experienced this kind of carburetion issue and can point me in the right direction.
probably going to take the right handle control apart and see if i can spot anything obviously bound or stopped up
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