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500t tank swap?

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Hey all,
Happy to say that I've undertaken my first project bike, a '75 500t!

I'm unhappy to say that the bike has it's share of problems, but not enough to scare me away!

One such problem was the state of the gas tank. It was in poor condition as it was, lots of dents and scratches. However, upon getting it off the trailer this afternoon, I noticed that it was leaking quite a bit of fuel onto my trailer, and subsequently found a few pin holes in the seams of the tank that were leaking a fair amount, as well as leaks from other places, too.

All this to ask the question: Are there models from this similar vintage that have tanks compatible with my CB500T? The OEM 500T tanks are very expensive, and I'd rather swap for now if it would be cheaper.

Let me know! Any other words of wisdom are also appreciated ;)

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caswell tank sealer
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