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450 throttle cable

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I tried to do a search before posting but was told the words are "too common".
I wonder if anyone has a good source for NOS or A/M throttle cables for my K5 CB450. I can't find anything except 10" over on E-Bay or $37.00 for a set from Bike Bandit.
Anyone looking to make their throttle into a 1/4 turn deal-- the XR75 or MT250 (or any of those smaller single pull only throttle tubed bikes) have a 45mm diameter big end on the throttle tube. You will need a corresponding housing (MT125/250 or XR). So, this would be for a custom-- Cafe or Chopper. The CB450 (and I imagine the CB350) curved cable end screws right into the housing
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so i am looking at the same thing. I have just started restoring a 70 cl450 and the cable is sticky and a bit rusty. i have torn apart and soaked in oil. ok getting off topic here i can get a cb350 cable for $14 what is the difference? i have had a few cb350's and even 1-2 cb450 in the past and i do not see the differences? i dont want to sink too much into till i check it all out.
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