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450 Jets Needed

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Looking for a pair of 130 main jets for a 450.
Can trade or do money, let me know.......
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Bill you know I'd help you out as I probably have a set lying around, but I'm kinda holding on to them in case I need to get the bike fired up and running initially after the rebuild, with the stock carbs. With the 2-1 pipe I may end up needing them?

Sorry I can't be of more help to you.

Check this guy maybe? A nice polite email explaining your problem might go a long way??

GB :mrgreen:
Did you see my edit on that last post?

I'm just not sure about it all Bill. I'll be trying to get ot running after the rebuild with the Mikunis and the Hooker pipe, and then switch to electronic ignition. I hope the stock points will work with the Dyna coils to do my jetting work. :? I'm just worried that I may have to fall back on those carbs for troubleshooting, you know?? Hopefully when Terry does my top end work he can give me some good info on the proper (or close) jetting needed for the overbore.

The pipe stays with me. Unless something REALLY SUPER DUPER DRASTIC happens in the meantime.. :? :shock:

GB :mrgreen:
Yeah that's what people say.. I've got it close already. At least I did.

You never answered though. Did you see the craigslist ad in my above post? That guy has a couple 450's for parts..

GB :mrgreen:
Ok. I figured it might be worth a quick email, seeing as it's a hodge podge of parts. Different tanks, 500T pipes, etc. He mentioned that he has a lot of 450 stuff though. I thought it might be worth a try.

GB :mrgreen:
1 - 4 of 20 Posts