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I've got the parts manual and official Honda service manual but I still have a question for those that have assembled and 450 engine before.

I'm getting ready to slide the cylinders in place today and I made sure to get the base gasket on correctly. When doing so, I noticed oil port on the right side in the lower case have a slight shoulder to them. I looked at all my pictures and they don't show anything, but, is there suppose to be a tiny 'O' ring that goes in there? Whenever I see an oil port with a shoulder like that I think 'O' ring location.

My guess is that there is not one because the thickness of the base gasket would negate it's usefulness but I had to ask. I took a picture but the computers are packed up to go to work tonight and this desktop has issues with USP ports so I'll try to post what I'm talking about later.

"edit" Ok, here we go.

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