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360/450 swingarm conversion

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ok got my 360 swingarm off my donor frame, swingarm bolt/swingarm has no grease zerk fittings so going to put a zerk into the arm itself, can the 450 pivot bolt be use also? can't find my digital caliphers are the pivot bolts the same dia.? still haven't decided on if I going with modding axle dia. on the 360 arm or just using 360 wheel,
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well got my 360 swingarm mounted on the 450 amazing what that 2"ish strecth does to it, sits a little lower, (bottom shock mounts are farther back), changed the shock angle, no difference between the 360 and 450 shocks that I could see, had to trim about 1-1/4 off the front of the 360 chain guard (longer and sits higher, runs right into sprocket cover) ride is different, doesn't have that short-coupled rocking horse action as much as it did, all in all this was a + as a upgrade, had to add 3 blocks to the chain (5 links) , hardest thing was widening axle slot (I love my Dremel) and 4" grinder,
ok here's pics


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