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350/450 Carb Swap

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Can't remember exactly who it was that was trying to use 450 carbs on a 350.
Here's a bit of info that may help renew your interest.

As I recall, the problem was that the carbs ended up running into the frame tube??

I was just in the shop and discovered that the CB400 Twin carb manifolds (from the later SOHC twins) fit nicely on the older 450 DOHC carbs, and they have a slight "angle" or tilt to them, which may be enough to allow them to clear your 350 frame downtube. Probably the same part as the 450 SOHC twins and Hawks, too.
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IT WAS ME!!! Oh man, Mr. Lane... you just made my day!!!

I'm all over it... anyone have any of those manifold? I'm going to ebay right now!!!!

- Woody
Cool... thanks!! If you can we could just call it a trade ;-)

- Woody
That would be awesome Scott. The boots I got from Bill look pretty good... but I don't know if they are going to have enough angle to clear. I haven't had time to mess with it much right now, and I also know that I need to get a throttle cable off a 450, cause the cable off the 350, even with everything as loose as it will go still holds the 450 carbs open.

Let me know what you find out.

- Woody
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