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I emailed him, sounds good, here is the email.
Due to high demand I no longer have these type of Carbs available. But, what I can do is rebuild your carbs for $50.00 for a single Carb, $100.00 for twin Carbs, $150.00 for three Carbs, $175.00 for four Carbs, and $200.00 for sets of six Carbs, parts and labor included, as long as I do not experience any major problems. as long as they are complete and no broken or missing parts. Price covers total strip down, cleaning, adjustment, and replacement of parts as needed, limited to $25.00 in parts. If I do not have to order parts, it will take approximately three weeks to complete your set.

Yes , I can professionally rebuild yours carbs, and make them run as though the manufacturer had intended them to run. I specialize in vintage Japanese carburetors. And yes, I can re-jet them to match the performance of any modifications you have made to your bike, but I must have all the information in advance.

I do replace anything and everything that needs to be replaced. any parts over $25.00 you will have to pay for. Such as, I cannot cover the cost of replacing the cv diaphragm . If purchased from the dealer, would run over $100.00 EACH if not discontinued, even on e-bay they run around $40.00 each. As you can see, I would be doing your rebuild for free, if I pay for any of the parts over $25.00. Since this is my business, and I am providing you with a service, I need to charge you, at my cost, for any of those parts over the $25.00 threshold.

I do however totally strip down the carbs, soak Carb bodies and various parts, replace jets, needles, seats, seals , o-rings, and gaskets, as needed, adjust slides, adjust butterfly flaps by synchronizing them, set float levels , and set fuel/air mixture screws back to factory specifications.

I do all this for about a third of what if would cost you from a dealer, and most dealers do not even like to work on carbs that are over 20 years old, mainly, because they are not familiar with them.

So, basically what I am telling you is, yes, I can fix your carbs. This is what I do for a living, not a hobby. If I run into problems, such as, needing replacement diaphragms, I would let you know, and you can either find and purchase them, which is what I prefer, or I could find them for you and bill you for what I purchased them for.

Due to the condition of some of the Carbs and availability of parts, it is necessary to find another set of Carbs for parts. Then I make one complete set from the two, and cut you a deal for the left over parts.

Because some of the Carburetors have been damaged through the mail, I want to stress that you need to pack these Carburetors well and make sure you insure them for their value to you. Also, make sure that the Carb has been drained of all fluids before shipping. Due to the amount of time we seem to be spending at the post office, we have decided to open a Fed-Ex account. So, all of the Carbs will be returned Fed-Ex and insured with tracking numbers. Fed-ex will notify you of the tracking numbers as soon as I ship them. Fed-Ex may be more expensive in some cases, but we feel they are more secure. You will pay for shipping both ways.

If you are interested in having your Carburetor rebuilt, send it to:

Sell Masters R Us, 41960 Marks Ridge Dr , Sweet Home , OR 97386

Please provide the following information in the box with the Carb


contact information is very important

Please include e-mail address (the e-mail address you use regularly),

Home address & phone number.

Make, Model, and year of the bike the Carbs came off of

List the particular problems you are presently experiencing with the Carb

Payment is due upon completion. I will contact you via e-mail with the total cost for rebuilding the Carbs, plus shipping. Payment can be made through Pay Pal, U.S. Postal Money Order or Cash. I will send you an invoice when it is complete. As I said in my warranty, I will take them back up to two weeks, AS LONG as they have not been opened or tampered with. But, you must contact me first to discuss the problem to see if it can be resolved without returning the Carbs Please take note, the guarantee of services provided will only be covered if an inline fuel filter is installed prior to installing the carbs.

If you have sent an e-mail to us and feel you should have a return e-mail, please go to your spam folder and it might be there. If you have any other questions , please feel free to contact me by phone., 541-570-5540, monday - friday, PDT, 8 am - 5 pm.

Thanks for your interest,

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