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My hunting buddy has a tank that he says is off a 305 superhawk, not sure of the year. I know nothing about these bikes so I can't speak to whether or not its what he says it is.

The outside is dent free from what I can recall, paint is faded. The chrome knee panels are very nice, a couple light rust spots, more like tarnished spots, would probably brighten right up with a bit of elbow grease. Inside, it looks new, like its never had gas in it. The emblems are faded and warped.

He's got no use for it and was curious what it would be worth to a guy who has a use for it.

Obviously without a picture, I don't expect you guys to give me an exact price, but what ballpark would something like this be in? I'll snap a picture next time I'm over there. Anybody need one?

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