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305 Carb Dial In

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Well I think I have gotten fairly close on the final carb dial in of my 1967 Honda CL77. Bike has always ran somewhat on the rich side since I first brought it back to life after years of sitting. Now that a Charlie's Place IE system has been bolted on I wanted to see if I could clear up the issue. First I dropped the plugs to a D6HA from the 8's, with the needle clip set in the middle groove, 1 1/8 turn out on the screws, it was better but the plugs were still sooty but not fowling. Next I went back into the slides and set the clip on the top position on the needle with everything else the same but this was slightly too lean from the plug read. Final setting I believe is the sweet spot, clip still in top groove, D8HA plugs, and the screws 1 1/4 turns out. After a plug chop, nice slightly brown color on both plugs. I am going to keep an eye on them as the weather cools and after a few longer runs, but I believe this is where life is good. Just FYI if anyone else is in the process and as we all know each bike if different, but it is nice when you can get in the ballpark.....


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