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20 dollar braided cables

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well i am at the re assembly stage on my cafe, did my wires last night and figured some of you would like this little trick... here is how you get cables that look completely trick for super cheap!!!

order some wrap though these guys: ... eving.html

You can get the side entry stuff as well (I used the black on my Harley)

all you need to do is wipe down your old cables real well... when ever i cut it, i use a lighter to heat the end and then while it is gooey i touch my finger to it... this just seals it all up so that it does not unravel... dad taught me this years ago to fix our ski ropes when we had to make them longer... then zip tie, pull it tight, zip tie again.... looks awesome!

and the black on my bob:
brake line:

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Nice touch to salvage those funky old gray cables.
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