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Difficult to say for sure, but if you fitted LED bulbs of say 18W you might get away with it. It depends whether they are allowed in your country too! Do you plan to use both lamps as main headlights, or one dip, one main beam? If you use both for main beam using traditional incandescent bulbs, at say 35W each, that's 70W, or about 1/2 your total output! Add on your rear lamp, (5W,) and when using your brake light say 21W, if you add your indicators; 21W each (45 W inc lindicator light in the speedo) plus gauge illumination 4x3W (12W) that's 150W!
You won't be using your indicators or brake light all the time I know but you still have ignition needing some juice too; use the horn and you're going to have a flat battery before too long.
Do you plan to use the Electric starter too?
Look into LED's if you can use them legally; the wattage requirement is much less than incandescent bulbs and can give you better lighting under certain conditions; but do generate considerable heat at the same time so you'll need to ensure adequate airflow in the headlamp housing for cooling the lamps.
Hope this helps you!
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