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I'm slowly bringing my own 1982 CB450SC back to life. After recent repairs, a loose connection in the original ignition switch base left me stranded for a bit, and then powered on without the key when applying upward pressure to the switch's base. An oem replacement ignition switch is still impossible to find.

I found a work-around by using a 1982-1986 VF750s ignition switch.
Capture Switch.JPG

I removed the wiring tail bundle from the old ignition and replaced the wiring tail bundle on the new switch.

So far, it seems to work fine. The VF750s lock-key cylinder is a little taller than the CB450SC switch, but still mounts up fine. I'm sure this would work with other Honda ignition switches from the same era if the VF750s becomes unavailable.

Hope this helps anyone else who finds themselves in the same boat.
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