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1985 Nighthawk 450

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Hello all,

I know this isn't the best time of year to be posting this... but my wife is spring cleaning in the fall and wants more room in the garage for winter. I'm looking to sell my Nighthawk 450. I just don't ride it as much as it deserves. I have two kids and not a lot of free time (wife works at Starbucks and has a random schedule) so I don't get out on the bike nearly as much as I'd like. I've had the bike 3 years now and have done a lot of work on it - well replaced a lot of items! I'm in no huge rush to sell (I'll deal with my wife if it doesn't sell :)), but if someone would like to grab it now and be ready for riding season next year here's your chance to score a good bike! Here's what I have done. I have receipts for pretty much everything.

Fall 2015
Replaced: chain, sprockets, rear brake shoes,Clutch Cable, Spark plugs and battery.
Rebuilt the carbs and flushed the brake fluid.

2016 - Bike sat in garage due to seeping fuel tank
Stripped tank and had new liner put in. Redi-Strip did the stripping and a radiator shop did the liner.

2017 -
Tank, and all plastic pieces painted black. There is a little blemish from some fuel leaking out of the tank - a hazy streak pretty much ( just to be honest!)

The local Honda shop - Honda Northwest - performed the following:
* Both tires replaced
* Rebuilt front calipers, installed new pads
* Both fork seals replaced
* Steering bearing replaced
* New petcock (mechanical)

Has tool kit also and you can get the manuals on this site. Asking $1900. Clear title. I have a lot more than that invested right now, which I know you really don't get all you put into it - but this is pretty worry free bike for several years to come! She's ready to ride!

There's scuff/scratch on the left side cover - you can sort of see it in the pics- not from me though. The frame has paint chips in it - but it's a 30+ year old bike! I changed the oil this year and have only ridden the bike about 300-350 miles this year. I can have more pictures later or can send them via email. The bike is located in Northern IL. I'll work with meeting someone if it's not too crazy far - I'd say I'd be willing to ride maybe 200 miles or so to meet someone if that helps.

Any questions just let me know. My number is 847-363-5494 - feel free to text or call with any questions. I'll get back to you as soon as I can if I don't answer.

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How much?
- hi sorry I never saw the email for the reply! $1900 obo. Feel free to contact me with any questions!
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