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Ah... Where to begin...

Long version: Well my friend does landscaping and after doing one house that a previous owner had left, had also left a dusty gem which would be the bike. My friend knew I was DYING to ride again and he sent me a message immediately. I told him I wanted to see it, hes not into bikes at all, he'd confuse a pocket bike with a real bike easily. I saw it and it looked... Dusty... A beautiful dusty bike. It doesn't seem it was ever dropped or damaged or in an accident, it actually looks like someone wanted to repair it but forgot or couldn't afford it and abandoned it. I took the 1982 Honda CB450T Hawk faster than if you actually noticed a $100 bill fall out of your wallet. May I note, it has no keys, no title, battery was cracked (found out later)... I was at first disappointed, I don't even make that much money but... I have a passion for this kind of stuff. I got it home and drooled and cursed at it, I wanted to ride it today, now, RIGHT NOW. So I did what any pure blood riding human being would do, I tried to start it. Of course, nothing, not even a click. First thing I did was look at the battery and I screamed "WHAT IS THIS???" I could see through it? It has liquid? Tons of research later, it was, a battery... SO, I tried filling it with distilled water like I researched and... It had a huge crack. So, I got a new one. Now I saw a spark when I first installed it, still confused on what happened. Went to try to see some lights and... Wow, I have no keys for this thing... After laughing at my idiocy for a day I find a locksmith near me with splendid reviews so I got to work taking the ignition cylinder lock out and yadda yadda, got me a key. I get home, turn it to the on position, no lights. :/ Arg, well the bulbs are probably all dead anyway right? Tried to get it to start, run, turn signals? ANYTHING? Nope. So with a fresh battery and a nice key I figured old bikes have fuses right? Took me 30 mins to find it but I found it and another problem, blown fuse. From advanced auto and back, I turn the key and IT HAS LIGHTS! I was so excited I spilled $10 worth of gas for my bike... Opps. I fill it up. (The key fit and worked with everything thank god) I push the start... Nothing. Seriously? :/ After a day of contemplating whether it was worth killing myself for a bike my passionate side kick in and said... The fun is about to begin, isn't it? Turns out it was a wire that was too short of the starter? Starter solenoid? Not sure, but I plugged it back in, pushed the button, and I heard the familiar sound of a bike starter, wow, its not all dead... 10 seconds later I noticed a pool of gasoline on my foot, I tasted it to make sure, and it was a weird orangy/yellowy color. Is that gas? My friend who is big on these older bikes told me to rebuild the carbs, what is a carbs? Is the bike on a diet??? So a couple of painful hours later, I had the carburetor in my hands, still had no idea what this thing did except put gas and air in the engine. I watched my friend pull out all these "jets" and "floaters" and stuff and shoot through them with carb cleaner and air dust blower, a few mins later and a bunch of red/orangy blobs bolting out of my carbs later... I was a little more experienced with how to clean a carburetor and possibly rebuild one. Just... The big problem was that as I took it off the "plastic thingy" I thought wasn't important was the boot that attached the carb to the engine, it was rotted and broke. In more bad news, one of the drain plugs had rusted so bad the end came of and didn't seal, at all. I figured to run it I had to at least replace the screw, so after a local bike shop, of which the owner is a cool old dude that I would buy parts from any day of the week, I brought it back home and contemplated... Should I try to replace the boot with maybe some heat resistant silicone tubing? I read it online. I tried to find some, no dice. Maybe... Maybe it can work. After putting everything back together (By the way, I hate cables now) The moment of truth... It started, for a few minutes and died, and started back up again. I should put on the choke to let it actually run so the battery charges. Aaaaaaaand the choke doesn't work.... Or maybe I messed up the cable to it, I don't know. After seeing it idle and imaging myself riding on its grey glory, I tried to throw some throttle. It died immediately. Wha? I looked up that the jets may have not been cleaned well and I should put sea foam in it. Sea foam? I've used that stuff before! Great! After a Walmart run, I grab my sea foam and... Wait... Air intake? W-Where... After a little research I start draining the gas tank and make a 50/50 mixture of gas and sea foam. I start it up, let it idle and get warm and watch the beautiful smoke come out. I try a little bit of throttle, and a little more, and a lot more, only up to 3K rpms?! I let it run some more, giving it some throttle as I can but avoiding it dying so it can clean up those jets. Then I full open throttle because I got impatient and BAM it went up to 7K but I cut it out because it was at night and I like my neighbors. So, I poured the rest of the sea foam into the tank, got into the house and started going on this forum, because almost all the research I've done, 80% of the answers came from this website, so thank you guys and I will be posting every time something happens to this bike. Maybe not the same day but ASAP. Right now, I've made sure some sea foam is sitting in the carbs and the engine and hopefully tomorrow morning I can burn the rest of it off getting all that gunk off of it.

Short story: Got a bike that had:
No title
No Keys
Cracked and dead battery
Junky carbs
Flat tires
Missing mirror
Rear tail lights dont work
Horn doesnt work
No clutch handle
Lots of dust

Conclusion: I got it to run, and I'm really proud of it, my friend is working on the title apparently if your not the original owner its a pain to get one, I need to still inspect the spark plugs (they fire though), probably replace the tank (it has rust in it), investigate the horn, turn signals (oddly enough the actual front bulbs work but don't flash they just turn off but I can hear the click noise, once), most likely tune the bike, change oil and oil filter. Clean the CRAP out of this bad boys exterior. Fill tires or replace them, not sure which. Adjust all the cables because the throttle is very... short? It takes a tiny turn to get full throttle and the choke has to come out of the holder just to get it to work, and once I get a handle for the clutch adjust that too. All in all, I'm going to love making this guy fly high, like any hawk should. I also named him, hawkeye. He's going to hit the road, before the snow starts, I promise.

I'll take pictures after the morning.


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