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I'm looking to replace a set of failing shocks for a 1982 CM450A/E/C.

I want approx the same length. Prefer ones without a shroud, but beggars can't be choosers.
Progressives would be nice, but standards are fine.
All I'm able to find are the EMGO classic shocks 17-05532 or 17-05534 - which everyone seems to have issues with in the reviews (too hard, top bushings don't fit).

What else is out there? Please be specific with brand names and part numbers/measurements.

If you've got the measurements of the stock rear shocks for a 1982 CM450A/E/C, (honda part number 52400-447-733 SHOCK ABSORBER ASSY., RR.), that would be helpful too.

-upper bore width and diameter
-lower bore width and diameter
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