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Well it appears these motorcycles are going to take up a lot of my time now. This was my first street bike project and now I have two more projects on the way so I need to make some room and get some rebuild money lined up. I have no idea what to ask for and was hoping some of you could give me an idea. If anyone is interested I'm in NW Iowa.

1982 CM 450A Complete Rebuild

-VM 30 Carbs with Uni Filters

-Mac 2 to 1 black/chrome exhaust

-New Black Street Bend Bars

-New Controls/Master Cylinder/Grips/Throttle Tube

-New Headlight/Tail-light

-New Turn signals

-New Ignition

-New X-Ring Chain

-New Front (15) and Rear Sprockets (37) !!Went one down up front and one up in the rear, Its made for around town and a bit of light offroad or low maintenance in between!! Very Responsive but a bit high on the rpms to not be annoying at interstate speeds for any great length of time.

-Refinished Interior/Exterior of Tank (2k clear)

-Refinished Fenders (2k clear)

-Duro HF904 130/90-16 Rear Tire 25-90416-130-TT

-Kenda K270 Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire Front 100/90-18

-Rims Refinished

-High quality rubber fork boots.

-New seat (Pan and Foam/Cover)

-New Gas Cap and Fuel Petcock/ Fuel Lines

-All new bearings all the way around (steering stem included) AllBalls

-New Battery and TurnSignal Relay

-Probably forgetting stuff but you get the idea. It was torn completely down and refinished. I was nervous about the automatic on a motorcycle but after a little bit of getting used to it, its a blast to ride. I built it as clean as i Could but wanted to ride it so it has some more heavy duty coatings and the suspension is stiffened up a bit. It gets ridden on the dirt and grass sometimes and I even took it on the scrambler day on my dirtbike trip to Colorado. The dual sport tires handle the pavement as well as they do dirt or some gravel. The bike has been ridden so the black painted engine and exhaust is showing heat fade. The pictures are current and show it accordingly. Open to offers as well but just kinda trying to get a price range to ask if I post it on swap, craigslist or something of the sort locally. Might wanna buy this one back after the cx 500 and gl1100 get done.
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