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Hey guys,

I'm posting here because I'm not sure what else to do concerning the problem I have with my rear wheel. A few days ago I was riding around in the city and came up to an intersection. I heard some loud rattling, so I decided it would be best to push it to the side walk. Upon inspection of the rear wheel, I found that the sprocket had somehow come loose. After finding this, I had the bike towed home. When I got it home, I took the wheel off and inspected further, finding that the lip the circlip sits under had been almost completely sheared off. I can't imagine that there would be any safe way to fix this, so I started looking for a new rear wheel. I scoured up and down on Ebay and could not, for the life of me, find one. There are plenty of Comstars on Ebay but none that fit my bike.

So here are my questions for you guys: Does anybody know how this might have happened? & Where could I possibly find a new wheel?

Thank you for reading. *Some of the attached pictures are sideways, but will correct themselves when completely opened up to their largest size. (Click the image twice)

20151101_063105054_iOS.jpg 20151101_063116369_iOS.jpg 20151101_063130426_iOS.jpg 20151101_063135262_iOS.jpg 20151101_064622319_iOS.jpg 20151101_064659098_iOS.jpg
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