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Well, the wife says I have got to get rid of one of my projects, and as the other project has sentimental value, this is the one to go

The things I know are bad on it are that all the cables are seized, the tires are dead, the rear taillight is cracked and the tank and body work are really really rough

I have had the engine running, and have shifted it through the gears on a stand, the rims look really good, and the gauges are not bad. I do not have the title in hand, but can get it easily enough.

This bike is in Slave Lake Alberta, I am willing to part it out, and will deal with prices on an item by item basis. I am not really thinking this is worth alot obviously,

I am willing to trade (which will make my wife angry :cool: ) I am looking for an older PW50 or equivalent for my 4 and 5 year old sons to learn on (the DS50 is a bit large) and/or possibly another interesting bike, my interests lend themselves towards Kawasakis but not exclusively

I do not have pictures of it, but could try to get some if needed, as it sits right now there is not much to look at, seat, tank, side covers are all off
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