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Hello all, its cyr. Super super grateful to have found this form, very eager to tap into the knowledge of anyone who has any to spare. First post on this form so here is my go at following the list.:p

1.) Location: West Texas.

2.) Year, Make, Model: 1981 (Honda) CM400E with 11,198 miles

Lets get into the shooting.
Bought my first bike on a local form of craigslist for what my coworkers say is "way too much" 500$. Last registered in the year of 86 and has been sitting outside for about 30 years. My first go at the carb, i freaked out. Im a millennial and of you even say 4 barrel my eyebrows furrow and my head spins. A week later of monkeying around i slapped them back on the bike and it only ran on choke and when given any throtle, it died. I snapped screws when disassembling so i had the bowl and the pot looking thingy with what id assume a vacuum actuated piston healed down with some vice grips. From what i gathered, i didnt clean my jets well enough so i know what my hot date will be next weekend.
I had to replace throttle cables (too much rust, frozen and when persuaded, they snapped) gas tank,(had holes and 1/4 of it was dried black nastyness that i dont want anyone to ever smell ever) battery, starter and starter solonoid, oil filter and fuel bowl gaskets.
My greatest concern, when bike is cold, off, clutch in, I can get into neutral, first, and second. 3rd i think i was able to force into only once, 4th, and 5th are all the same. Not accessible like first and second. And when i turned it on and got it to idle, some times it did, sometimes it didnt take any gears. Reading a few other transmission forms, im fearing I should break down and just examine internals to check for fork wear and true-ness. How can i check the clutch cable adjustment? is there a spec?
Im maybe hypothesizing that the transmission issue is the exact reason the bike was parked. i can see it was dropped on the gear selector size at one point or another. :-?
When it did run and go into first, i had to shove the bike while slipping it to get it to move in first. Obviously no throtle because it would die but yes, please enlighten me all you can.
Again, very happy to be a memeber and have found this fourm.:grin:

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OK, a few things.

First welcome to the group. Pictures are helpful not only for keeping old geezers entertained but they can also be informative.

You will need a proper service manual. PM sent.

The transmissions on most bikes won't shift properly unless the bike is moving or the transmission is otherwise being rotated. I suspect that could be your problem.

The carbs are finicky. They want to be CLEEEEEEEAN! Here's how to do it:

Getting it running is only the beginning, making it a safe and reliable ride requires a good deal more:

Glad to have you aboard, we'll all look forward to seeing you on the road.
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