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Hello y'all

First time on this forum. I just picked up my first motorcycle (a 1981 CM 400E) and I want to build a simple ratty bobber out of it. I plan on keeping the stock air box but the exhaust is destroyed on this thing from the mufflers back. I'm planning on simply putting turn downs where the mufflers are and just dumping it. Yes I know it will be loud so please don't tell me it's not worth it. I drive an open header SBC drag car on the road so I don't mind loud stuff. That being said also, I'm not going for performance gains here either. This is only for looks, budget, and sound here. If I go through with the turn downs, will I hurt anything? I know I'll have to rejet the carbs but I can't seem to get a straight answer no matter where I look. How many jet sizes should I jump? Are there any other modifications to make?

Thanks in advance,

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