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Selling my 1981 CB400T. 12,3xx miles. All original. 6 speed transmission.

Was sitting indoors for several years, got it all back up and running again. Rebuilt carbs, rebuilt brakes, new cables, new tires. Bike is in decent shape for the age. It has been laid down on both sides, but there's minimal damage. Ive taken pictures of all of the damage. The original brake lever had the tip broken off, I've since replaced it. It also now has both mirrors. Tank is really clean on the inside too!

Here is a link to the album:

CB400T 1981

Includes tons of extra parts:
2nd front fender, same type and color.
Extra set of VB22 parts carbs.
VB21A carbs.
Parts for dual disc setup.
A bunch of peg mounts from a CB400N (that's what one of them were labeled as, it has two complete sets with brake arm and shift linkages too)

Im located near Winston Salem, North Carolina.
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