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I just recently bought a 1980 Honda CM200t with carb issues and I am fairly new to motorcycles. The engine turned over fine and I've bought an ebay carburetor to replace the old one. The bike is currently completely torn apart and I'm in the process of cleaning the engine for paint and sanding the side covers and tank for painting. The ebay carb came with a pod filter and I have a few questions about what to do with this and I wouldn't mind keeping the stock air box.

1. If I kept the stock air box is the filter in it washable or are there places where I can buy a replacement?

2. The stock air box has a system that from my understanding reuses blow-by exhaust by sending it through the air filter and back through the cylinders. If I figured out the jetting on the carb and used the pod filter what would I do about this system? Will the bike run fine without it and are there things that I would need to cover up?

Thank You

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Stock air filters should still be available from Honda as well as some aftermarket choices. Check here: Sale on Motorcycle Parts, ATV & UTV parts Honda, Kawasaki
Yes, the breather hose from the valve cover does recirculate the blowby gasses thru the filter system. If disconnected then you'll need a filter for the hose and possibly a catch can because those gasses have an oil content in them
eBay carb? Original Keihin or one of the Chinese clone units?
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