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looking to get rid of my cm400e, it used to run but the primary pickup went bad and im just not interested in spending the time and money on fixing it. overall its a 5 or 6/10, its a bit ugly since it sat in an alaskan backyard for the past 20 years or so but otherwise it ran and rode perfectly fine. it is titled, so you could ride it if you want (alaskan title, need to transfer it probably). comes with some other random stuff for the bike i wont need after its gone. pictures to come this weekend.
i live in las vegas and have a truck so i can help transport it if need be. id like to get 500 bucks, ive spent a little over $1000 (probably more like $1100, but whos counting) on upgrades and parts. in my mind basically a free 500 bucks in stuff plus a complete, titled, almost running bike is worth a $500 asking price. shoot me a pm if youre interested.

  • gm coil mod
  • new cdimagician cdi
  • tachometer side cover
  • new motionpro cables
  • mac 2-1 exhaust
  • kg clutch friction plates and springs
  • carbs rebuilt and vacuum balanced
  • new oem carb boots
  • new flasher relay
  • new air filter
  • new battery
  • probably one or two more things im forgetting
needs (if you plan on riding it):
  • tires
  • chain
  • spokes, probably
  • front turn signal stalks
  • a general derusting (no actual structural damage, its just ugly and all over)
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