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Hello fellow Honda Twin owners!

I've recently (last couple of months) become the proud owner of a 1980 CB400N. Thing is I actually haven't seen it in the flesh as of yet!

Sounds strange? Kind of, but here's the story...

My dad who lives in another state (he lives in regional Victoria and I live in NSW) came across this really cheap 1980 CB400N. Being a recently retired mechanic he asked me if I would be interested in him restoring it for me to keep himself busy. Of course I said yes!

So here is the bike as purchased.

Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Motorcycle Automotive lighting
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Motorcycle Car
Motor vehicle Vehicle Yellow Auto part Car

So turns out the seller was a spray painter by trade so the bike had an awesome paint job, but unfortunately he was not much of a mechanic.

The bike was mostly there except for the airbox and a few other bits and pieces but for $400 it seemed like a pretty good starting point.

Even though I haven't been present for the rebuild, it's been a fun experience... he let's me know what parts he needs and I buy them lol :grin:

Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Auto part Engine
Auto part Metal
Auto part Vehicle Engine Car

The CB400N feeling a little messy and naked on the back of the trailer

It's come a long way since these pics and I cant wait to take delivery of her!

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Welcome to the forum. Great to see another 400 series here.
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