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1979 cm400t speedometer

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Hello! I just bought my first bike, a 1979 cm400t, and the only major problem with the bike is the speedo has been busted and does not work, the cable does still spin the gauge just spins around. I'm wanting to replace the speedo but I really don't know what I should get, I'm looking for any advice I can get, the speedo does not have to be original (just not expensive since it's my first bike) I just want something that will work. Thanks in advance for any and all help!
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Welcome to the forum. Great to see another 400 series here. Got any pics of it to share?
Here's some good reading....
You'll also need a manual. PM sent.
AFAIK, any speedo from 79 to 81 CM400 and 82 to at least 85 450 should be fine.
Dirt/grease gets between the magnets and the disc attached to the needle shaft and instead of magnetism driving the disc, there is a physical connection between the two. (Most common.)

They are old units and could also be worn bearing surface causing misalignment of the shaft with the magnets to contact the disc.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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