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Looking for a bit of help/guidance, bought a Honda CB200 about a year ago and have been steadily working on it. To date have changed the points, condenser, sorted the electric start, delisted the tank and cleaned and the carbs (setup up to 1 and 1/4 ), replaced the clutch plates. The bike has standard airfilters fitted but has after market exhausts.

The bike now starts and will idle and I can go round the block 2 miles and if I don't continue revving it it will stall. In addition after doing this a number of times (20 miles) it will foul the plugs. The plugs are D7EA's which I think is a hotter plug than standard. Picture attached.

Compression Tested both cylinders and both come back with 130 PSI which although not great I thought it would run on.

When on the bike and riding it is pulling through all gears and had it up to circa 45 MPH.

Getting a bit stuck on what to look next so any ideas or guidance would be great.


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