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I'm selling my 1978 CB400T as I'm upgrading to another bike. This bike starts and runs though it does have its positives and negatives which I'll list.


-Complete rebuild last year, less than 2000 miles ago. Cylinders resurfaced, valve springs and seals replaced, valves resurfaced, new pistons, new rings, new crankpin bearings, new mainshaft bearings, new gaskets and crankseals. All the internals are pretty much new.

-New rear wheel, new chain, new sprockets, new rear drum pads.

-New seat, luggage rack with sissy bar.

-Harley sportster mufflers - Gives it a slightly throaty sound, not loud

-Misc little new parts added/replaced

-Comes with spare parts


- Has what I suspect to be an issue with it's CDI (electronic ignition), it intermittently loses power then goes back to normal. I have tested the coils and replaced the stator, so all that's left to do is test the timing to confirm or just replace.

-Leaks oil. It was rebuilt by me because of leaks, and it still leaks with new gaskets. I gave up on trying to stop it and just accepted as the nature of an old bike.

-Electric starter does not work. The issue is with the starting clutch on the crankshaft. I replaced the clutch springs to no effect. The kickstart works fine so I deem it not being worth a tear down.

Overall this is a motorcycle for someone that is mechanically inclined, which is probably true of any old machine like this. The only glaring issue I see is the need for an oil change and probably a new CDI.

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