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Tires on bike were from mid 90s but looked like new, needed new ones. Got Dunlop K71 (3.50x19... bike calls for 3.60x19 but can't find those) for the front and Dunlop K80 (4.10x18) for the rear. Tube tires as my comstar rims do NOT mention being tubeless.

I'm looking for tubes, I have learned that you get the same size as the tire so that's easy... 3.25/3.50-19 for front and rear is different because they make 3.50/4.00-18 or should I go 4.00/4.25-18?

Lastly, there are a number of different stem types when you buy the tube, what is the correct stem size and rubber or metal? I don't see this in my manual or service guide.
TR-6 - Straight Metal Stem (8mm dia.)
TR-13 - Straight Rubber Stem (11.5mm dia.)
TR-15 - Straight Rubber Stem (16mm dia.)
PV-78-Tall 90° - Metal Stem
TR-87 Short 90° - Metal Stem (10mm dia.)
TR-87C Tall 90° (10mm dia.)

I'm going to have the tires installed by a mechanic at a motorcycle shop, should I assume they already have the tubes and not worry or buy the correct ones and arrive with all the parts needed?

Thank you!

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I prefer the metal stem. You definitely want the 90* stem because of the way the wheel is built. Straight ones, even shorties, are a pita to get air into.
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